Custom Domain FAQs

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Have a question or issue with setting up your custom domain? Check out our common support questions below!


I'm getting a warning when trying to log in via What's the deal?

At first, we didn't have SSL enabled for your domain, so our system has a problem resolving the page to our secure app. If you click past that warning, everything will be fine.

Related to the above: Will my customer see this same warning?

If your client is using the proposal link you’re sending, they won’t see that warning. It's related to and not to the link your client sees.


I don’t have SSL enabled for my domain. Is that going to cause problems? 

We'll host the SSL certificate on our site, so you don’t need to worry about enabling it for your domain.


Do I need to enable SSL or can I keep it the way it is?

For now, you can leave it the way it is, but we’re looking to move all our branded URL users to SSL in the future.


I have Cloudflare as my DNS provider and the branded URL isn’t working. What gives?

The problem is most likely related to this:

If the arrow is going through the cloud in your CNAME settings, that's the problem. Cloudflare is trying to route Proposify through their service. Since we’re not hosted by Cloudflare, this won’t work. Disable that option to get the grey cloud and you should be good to go!


Can I also send proposal emails from my own domain? 

Absolutely! You can view instructions on how to do that right here.


My DNS points to somewhere other than our domain registrar and these instructions aren’t working. What gives?

If your domain’s DNS is pointing somewhere other than the domain registrar, then you’ll need to update these settings from wherever that DNS is pointing. This is usually a hosting company or hosting cpanel.