Page Breakdown: Clients

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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A breakdown of your Clients page.

The Clients page is the overview of your prospects saved in Proposify. You’ll find all information related to your prospect and their company here; including addresses, contact information, and any client-focused custom variables. If you need to add, update, remove or view your client details, this is the place to do it.

Click here for instructions on how to add a prospect to Proposify.

Click here for instructions on how to import a client from a linked integration.

You can reach the Clients page from the navigation bar, found anywhere outside of the Editor: 

A screenshot of the navigation menu with Clients highlighted.


You can also reach it by clicking here.

Quick Overview:

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Search Filter

Helps you find the company you’re looking for, or narrow down your list to just your favourites.


Add New Client

Creates a new company/contact, or imports one from your integration.


Client Company Details

Shows the name of the prospect. Select the name to expand client contacts. This also includes client contacts not linked to a company.


Client Contact Details

Shows the name and contact information for your client contacts.


Default Contacts

Set the default contact to appear when making a proposal for this company.


Edit Buttons

Appears when you hover over a company or contact.

  • Padlock - Edits permissions

  • Notepad - Edits details

  • Trashbin - Removes the client/contact


Create Buttons

Creates a new proposal or client contact for this company.



Select the star icon to favourite this client. They’ll appear when you select the star button in the Search Filter.