Page Breakdown: Client Preview

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Here we'll show you the various aspects of the client preview using a sample proposal. It shows you what clients can interact with.

The Client Preview Page is broken down into five parts:



  • The Preview Bar: Your prospect will not see this. It provides you with additional resources as a user on this account. Here you can change preview settings, copy a share link, and return to the editor.

  • Table of Contents: Here you can quickly navigate to the different sections within your proposal. You can edit the design settings of this section.

  • Sales Document: This is where you showcase your design team’s hard work!

  • View Options: Here you can change the zoom settings and enter presentation mode.

  • Action Bar: This bar lets your prospect perform actions on the proposal, including sharing, downloading a PDF, accepting and declining the proposal. You can change what buttons appear, as well as the language from Client Preview Settings.

Changing Preview Settings


If you need to update the way your sales document appears to your prospect, select show preview settings located in the preview ribbon.

Here, you can choose two option sets: General Settings and Display Settings.

General Settings cover language and date formats, as well as what buttons are present in the document.

Click here to learn more about General settings.


Display Settings cover the look of the document, including a logo, the background colour, or whether a side panel should appear.

Click here to learn more about Display settings.