Page Breakdown: The Pipeline

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Your Pipeline is the central hub for all sales documents in Proposify. It helps you view your proposals and track your sales progress.

This article walks you through each section of the Snapshot and how to use them to manage your documents.

Pipeline Breakdown


Navigation Menu

The left-hand navigation menu is available on every page except the editor. Use this menu to navigate to:

  • The Content Library

  • The Template Library

  • Metrics

  • Users

  • Clients

  • Integrations

  • Account Settings

Heads up: You might not see some of these, depending on your role. Talk to your friendly neighbourhood admin to get access

Account Activity

This keeps you up-to-date with the latest things going on with documents you can view. This includes:

  • Documents edited, sent, viewed, or signed

  • Documents pending approval.

  • Documents approved or rejected.

  • Documents moving stages.

  • Documents edited.

Each part of the activity feed will give you a “who” and a “what” with a link to the related document’s Snapshot page.

Document List

Here you’ll find all the documents found in your selected stream, sorted by stage.

  • Drafts - A work in progress. Drafts documents are new, have been rejected by an approver, or returned from the archive.

  • Awaiting approval - Someone needs to sign off on this before it can reach a prospect. No one can send this until approved or rejected.

  • Approved - You gave the green light. Anyone can now send this document.

  • Sent - This has been sent to the prospect, but hasn't been viewed yet.

  • Viewed - Your prospect has opened the link they've been sent.

  • Awaiting Payment - Only if you have the Stripe integration. The customer has signed, but has not submitted a payment through Stripe.

  • Won - You've gotten a signature/acceptance from everyone!

  • Lost - The prospect has declined the offer.

Each stage provides you with the value of the documents within it. You can also view a pipeline total at the top of the page.

Filters and Streams

Here, you can view the current filters applied to the pipeline, and the stream that you have selected. These filters are applied to your account, and will automatically be re-enabled when you log back in.

Filtering and Sorting the Pipeline


Your Pipeline page has multiple filters you can use to sort and drill down on your content.

You can enter a keyword in the search box to find documents related to a prospect, text inside, or its name.

Stage Filter

The stage filter reduces your Pipeline to view documents within a particular stage. By default, you'll see every stage.

TIP: If you approve documents in Proposify, set the Stage Filter to awaiting approval. You’ll only see content in your Pipeline requiring your attention.

User Filter

The user filter allows you to view only the documents related to one user or workspace. The value fields will also update, allowing you to see how much a particular rep or team has coming down the funnel.

Sort By

There are two categories to sort your content from:

Due Date/Date Created: how long the document has been in the Pipeline, or how long the offer is still valid.

Newest/Oldest: the freshest content, or the content that is still sitting in your pipeline.

Result Filter

You may have hundreds of proposals in your Pipeline, but odds are you don’t need to view all of them at once. You can choose to load the first 25, 50, 75, or 100 documents per page.

Heads up: The more documents there are on a page, the more links and content your browser has to pull up. Your load times will increase the more documents you load at once.


Streams are mini-pipelines you add to your account, based on what you need to sort. You can create, edit, and move up to 20 streams on your account.