Adding Your Brand

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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This article covers a list of features that help you custom label your account so you can take all the credit.

NOTE: Some of these instructions are very involved, this article goes over the general overviews of each feature and provides links to more detailed articles to get you started!

Custom Domain

You’ve spent a lot of time building your content library, and your sales rep has put in a lot of work to send a proposal, so why would you want in your sales document’s URL?

Our custom domain feature allows you to create a mask URL. This allows us to host all of your content while it looks like it’s coming from your website.

Follow these steps to set up a custom proposal URL.


Custom Email

Emails sent from proposify are sent from by default. The “reply-to” address is who you choose, but the original source is us.

If you’d prefer to have both the sender and the reply be from your rep, you can do that with some SPF and DKIM tweaks.

Click here to learn how to send proposals from your own email address.


Client Preview Settings

As awesome as our default preview settings are, they may not fit what your brand needs. Our preview page is customizable, allowing you to choose the background colour, how your prospect can interact with it, date format, and languages.

Click here to learn about client preview settings.


Email Templates

While our default templates provide the basics for polite, professional emails, that’s pretty boring. Add your brand’s own voice to your email templates and make it sound more like it’s coming from a human.

Click here to read about how to update and edit your email templates.