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SSO is here!

Proposify now offers the ability to use Salesforce, Okta and Azure as Identity Providers by utilizing a managed Connected App. 

This feature is available on our business plan: if you are on this plan already, reach out to your Success Manager to have this turned on for your account.


This article will cover:

SSO is only supported on accounts using a subdomain; {} - not the domain. See the article Branded URL to set up your domain.


Setup Guide


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To set up Okta SSO, we will start in Okta.


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Here we will cover the setup of SSO with Azure Active Directory, and to begin we will start inside of Azure AD.

We currently don't support SAML SSO with Azure, only OpenID Connect (OIDC).



  • If there are users who will not utilize the SSO login, they can login normally using which will bypass the SSO login.
  • Take a look at your URL: if you see {yourDomain}, remove login.
  • These three features are coming soon, and aren't currently functional.
  • Add your third party web address to the trusted sites in Salesforce.
  • Make sure emails match on both sides (inside Proposify, and Salesforce).
  • Make sure the account ID for the email address you are using to login matches the account ID for the SSO provider configuration.

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