Proposal Auto-Expiry

Camillia S
Camillia S
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The auto-expiry feature in Proposify allows users to set a specific date for when a proposal will expire, making it no longer accessible to the recipient.

This feature is only available for users who have access to the new share experience. If you see something different, reach out to


When you go to send a document, you will be directed to the Share experience page where you will see a button to add an expiration date:


You can select the number of days before the proposal will expire, either by typing in the number, or use the arrows to increase or decrease the number. As the number is added or subtracted, the expiration date will be updated below:



If you want to turn off the expiration date or have no expiration date for the proposal, you can clear the number in the box (note: adding a 0 will still set an expiration date):


Once the expiration date is reached, the proposal will only auto-archive if the prospective client attempts to open the proposal link after the expiration date.

Here is a quick GIF to show the new auto-expiry set-up in action!


A quick note: The expiry date that is set, is not tied to the "due date" variable that you are able to use and set via document settings, as shown below. The best practice here is to set your due date and expiry date to be the same:

Reach out to support if you would like to opt-in to the auto-expire feature, on the new share experience!