What is the Team Plan?

The Team Plan is a paid subscription plan that features the benefits of Proposify Free but also includes:

How to upgrade

To upgrade your account, you can do this in one of two ways. You can either:

Click Upgrade from the top banner. This will take you to the Billing page.

Or, you can upgrade by clicking Settings on the Navigation Bar and then click Billing.

HEADS UP: Double check that the Zip/Postal Code and State/Province on the Company Info page have been entered correctly and match your Billing Information.

This to properly calculate the tax for your account.

On the Billing page, click View Plans.

Click UPGRADE NOW under the Team banner:

Choose either the annual or monthly plan. The annual plan offers a discount!

Scroll down and click Purchase to confirm your upgrade.

You are prompted to enter and confirm your account details on the Billing Information page.

Scroll down to confirm the Billing Address. If everything is correct, click Update Credit Card.

You’re billed immediately and your account is upgraded to Teams!

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