If you’re building your table, taxes are a good idea to include so your customer knows exactly what to expect from an invoice. If you have discounts, you’ll want to highlight those as well. You can add both to Proposify and even highlight them in ways to help them stand out.

Here’s what this article covers:

NOTE: If you are on our Business Plan, you can activate Discount Approvals to control how much of a discount your Sales Reps can offer before they need sign-off. To apply this feature to your Approval Workflow, check out our Approval Workflow article.

Taxes and Table Discounts

Taxes and Discounts can be added to the footer of your pricing table. Taxes will be calculated without discounts applied. Discounts will be deducted from the amount after tax.

Adding a tax or discount

To add a tax, select the pricing table and expand summary options at the bottom left of the table:

Once expanded. Select either Tax or Discount:

Set the toggle to on. Next, label the tax/discount and add the percentage to charge:

NOTE: If you’re adding a discount, you can also select whether to discount a percentage of the total or a flat dollar amount.

Once complete, you can select anywhere outside the menu. Your tax/discount will be shown in the footer, along with the subtotal and the newly calculated grand total:

Editing and removing a table tax/discount

Select the pricing table and expand the summary options menu, found to the left of the table:

Select Tax or Discount:

From here, you can change the label, the amount collected, or disable the row entirely.

Removing taxes from the preview footer

You can prevent taxes from displaying in the preview footer from the pricing menu found at the top right of your editor:

From this menu, clear include taxes in preview:

This will keep the taxes in your pricing table, but your preview page will show the value before tax.

Line Item Discounts

Line item discounts are discounts that can be applied inside a row. It’s perfect for outlining discounts on particular services.

Adding a line item discount

To add a line item discount, expand the row settings menu by selecting the three-dot button next to your row. From there, select Discount:

This will open the discount menu.

Select a column: gives you the choice over where the discount should be applied. If you’re using a unit/quantity row, you can choose between the price or subtotal columns.

Discount toggle: enables or disables the discount for the selected column.

Label: Set a label for the discount. Is it a frequent customer? Bulk purchase discount?

Amount: Set the amount to deduct from the line item, then select whether that’s a dollar value or percentage.

Once you’ve made your choices, your discount will be applied to the row.

Editing or removing a line item discount

To edit a line item discount, open the discount menu and select the column where the discount is located. From there, you can disable it, rename it, or choose a different amount to use.

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