Proposify has mastered the “unit quantity x price = subtotal” equation. Your pricing might be more complex, though. Proposify has a formulas tool that can perform more advanced math using other cells within a pricing table. Let’s go over how that works.

Here’s what this article covers:

Spotting A Formula

Any cell using a formula will be highlighted when selected:

To view the formula, double-click the cell to open the formula menu:

If you’re using a unit/quantity or recurring row, our pre-made formula will appear in the subtotal column.

What Formulas Can Reference

Here’s what you can reference in a formula:

  • Other cells in the table, including cells already containing a formula.

  • Other cells in tables found in the same section.

  • Numbers.

  • Addition (+)

  • Summation sum(x:y)

  • Subtraction (-)

  • Multiplication (*)

  • Division (/)

  • Brackets ( )

We'll remember the cells you reference in a formula, even when moving your line items around. For example, if you reference B3 and move row three down two rows, the reference will update to B5.

Like other calculator software, we do brackets first then left-to-right. We don’t follow the order of operations rules we learned in grade school.

Creating a Formula

To create a formula, select a cell and enter =. The formula menu will appear over the cell.

Select the cells you would like to include in the formula. When selecting more than one cell, we default to multiplication. You can change that by selecting the formula menu and making your own edits, though:

Once your formula is ready, select the checkmark icon to save.

Editing Formulas

To edit a formula, double-click a cell to show the formula menu. Select the formula menu to change your operations, remove a reference, or select a new cell to add.

If you have second thoughts, you can select the x icon to cancel your changes and go back to the original formula.

Removing Formulas

To remove a formula, double-click a cell to reveal the formula menu. From there, click Remove Formula.

Once selected, a confirmation button labelled remove will appear on the right.

Click Remove to confirm deleting the formula. The last value entered in this cell will remain.

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