Oversight  is an important part of any company's workflow. A key element of oversight is keeping your sales documents in line with your sales playbook.

If you’re wondering how to beef up oversight on your sales docs, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s what this article covers:

Set Up Approval Workflow

In your Navigation Bar, select the Users icon to reach the Users page. 

Select roles and permissions at the top right of the page.

This will bring up a list of roles for users on your account. “Admin” is the default setting. It has access to every part of the account except billing and account management. 

To create a new user role, select add role at the bottom right:

Now you can decide what permissions to allow each user. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got a handy guide for roles here. For now, we’ll focus on the send permissions segment of this page. You can find it at the bottom. 

From send permissions, enable requires approval before sending proposals.  

Next, select the approving role from the dropdown menu. You can select a secondary role to approve, as well. We recommend adding a secondary role in the event a sales manager goes on vacation. 

NOTE: Selecting  an approving role will only give this user a list of people to notify. Anyone in a role that doesn’t need  approval before sending can review a sales document. 

If you’re worried that users in this role might bypass approvals with a PDF, enable watermark unapproved proposals.

With this set, a this role will have a watermark on PDFs from any document in Draft or Awaiting Approval state.

Once you’ve set your approval workflow, select save role at the bottom of the menu to save these changes. All that’s left now is to assign users to these roles. You can read about how to assign roles to users here

What An Approving Role Sees

When a proposal is in Draft State:

When a proposal is in a draft state, there’ll be no links available for the user to send to prospects. Here is the Snapshot page for a proposal created by a user named Lee. Lee requires approval before sending a proposal. 

Lee has:

  • No links in signature recipients.
  • Clicking the send icon will bring up the request approval menu.
  • There is no mark as menu 

What’s more, we'll remove the copy URL button in this proposal's Preview page.

Here is the same snapshot from the account of Allan, who can send without approval: 

  • The links in signature recipients are present. 
  • Selecting the send proposal icon will bring the user to the Send page.
  • The mark as menu has returned, letting this user move the document to another state. 

In Proposal Preview, the copy url button in the preview mode banner will be present as well. 

Finally, if Allan downloads a PDF copy of the document, no watermark will appear.

Submit A Document For Approval

To request approval from the snapshot, select the send proposal icon at the top right of the page: 

You can also select request approval from the Proposal Editor:

The Request Approval menu will appear with a list of available approvers.  

Choose who to notify, then select send to send an email to an approver. 

NOTE: Any  user who can view this, and doesn’t require approval, can  review this document. Selecting a user here won’t limit who  can review your proposal. You’re just choosing who to notify.

When they send an approval request, the user will be returned to the Pipeline and see a confirmation banner. Their activity will be logged in both feeds. The proposal is now in Awaiting Approval.

Awaiting approval

The Snapshot Activity Feed will keep track of approval progress. Lee can send a reminder to Allan at any time to let him know that this is still pending approval. 

HEADS UP: We want to keep a clear activity log of what happened to this proposal.  Once a document is in Awaiting Approval state, all share links are  disabled for all users. This includes users who don’t need approval to send. This will need to leave Awaiting Approval state, either by approval or rejection, to send it. 

Similarly, on the Pipeline the [...] menu will show an option to request approval. This will pull the same request approval menu.

Review A Document

To review a document, select one currently in Awaiting Approvals state: 

If you’re confident about this document, you can approve or reject it from the Snapshot page. Select your option from the mark as menu: 

Otherwise, select Review to enter the Proposal Editor. 

Here, you’ll be able to make manual edits and comment on a page. To make reviewing easier, you’ll also be able to tell at a glance what pages have been edited: 

Review the document, make changes and comment, then select approve or reject:

We’ll notify the person who requested approval of your decision.

If rejected:

The person who requested approval will be  notified by email. The document will be returned to Draft state. The  activity feed will let them know who rejected the proposal, as well as  any comments left by the reviewer:


If approved:

The person requesting approval will be  notified by email. The activity feed will also show who approved the  propsosal. All share URLs will return and the user can send the proposal  as normal: 

NOTE: If an edit is made to this document by this user, they’ll need to re-submit the document for approval. 

Disable Approval Workflow On Your Templates

Not every document needs approval before going out. To activate approval workflow on your documents, head to the Template Editor. From there, select the notepad icon in the menu pane to open Template Settings:

From there, enable the checkbox next to Does not require approval:

This will disable approval workflow for this document.

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