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You’ve taken the phrase “measure twice, cut once” to heart. You know that it’s always better to double- and triple-check your proposal before sending it out. After all, you only get one first impression.

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Locating Field Settings

Before you send your proposal, you can verify the mapped fields to see if they’re correct. From the Proposal Settings page, select field mapping.

If you’re in the Proposal Editor, click the notepad icon in the top right of the menu pane.

From here, select field settings.

What’s the difference between these menus? Nothing. We include it here so you don’t have to leave the Editor to check your mappings.

Breakdown of Field Settings

In the Field Settings menu, you can view your mapped fields related to this proposal. These include:

  • Account/Company fields.
  • Proposal/Opportunity fields.
  • Company/Account fields.

If you have some blank spaces you can enter those details under the available fields menu.

Once you’ve verified and made changes, you can navigate back to the Proposal Settings tab, or click next step to move to the Editor.

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