Proposify makes it easy for you to manage your sections from the section library. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to interrupt your workflow while in the middle of a proposal. Here’s how to manage sections from the proposal or template editor.

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Adding New Sections

To add a new section to your proposal, click the + button found in your section menu:

Once clicked, you can name the section, choose the section type (page flow or static), import a PDF as a section, or import a section from your content library.  

To save this section to your library, click the three-dot menu next to the section’s name in the left-hand pane. Next, select save to library.

This will save this section to your content library for use in other proposals or templates.

NOTE: You'll only see this if your assigned role allows you to add sections to the content library. Click here for more information on roles and permissions.

Saving Updates to the Content Library

If you’ve made changes to a section while in a proposal, you can save those changes to the content library. To do this, click the three-dot menu next to the section’s name. From the menu that appears, select save to library.

Next, choose either to update the existing section in the library, or create a version by saving it as a new section:

Updating the section will replace the current version sitting in your library. Saving as a new section allows you to keep the original and add a new version to the content library.

HEADS UP: Your sections saved to the content library will be stripped of your formatting from this document. Page size, repeaters, text formatting, and table styles will default to the settings in your default template.

Pulling Versions From Other Proposals

Pulling A Version Made After November 20, 2019

If you’re looking to pull a section from another proposal, you can follow the instructions above to save that update as a new section in your content library. 

Once you’ve saved that section, you can pull it to your library by clicking the import button within your section menu:

This will pull out the section menu. Click content library from there, then click and drag your selected section into your proposal:

This will pull that section into your editor, letting you make changes without affecting the source in the content library.

Pulling a Version from Before November 20, 2019

To pull a version of this section from another proposal, click the three-dot button from the section pane. When the section menu appears, select revision history

This will open the revision history pane on the right-hand side: 

Here, you’ll find a list of dates of where this section was used in another proposal or template. This date is based off of when this section was added to a proposal or template. Select the date of the edit you’d like to import. This will update the section in your proposal to match.

Duplicating A Section

To duplicate a section, expand the three-dot menu next to the section’s name and select duplicate. 

Once duplicated, we’ll prompt you to name the new section so you can tell it apart from the original.

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