Your feedback has helped us grow and improve Proposify. One of our most frequent pieces of feedback is about the revision history tool. We’ve heard it's a “jack of all trades, master of none” tool for recovering content and managing versions. 

Thanks to your suggestions, we’ll be making improvements to how you save sections for re-use in the coming weeks. Here are some changes to expect:

Section Titles:

We’ll remove the option to edit the section title from the top of the page. You’ll still be able to rename the section from the section pane, though. We hope this will ease some confusion.

Content Library

We'll no longer automatically add new sections to the content library. You’ll be able to choose to save your content, rather than have it saved by default. This should reduce the clutter in your section library and help you find what you need faster.

Version Management and Revision History

You’ll no longer see the “last edited by [name] on [date/time]” item at the top of a page. We’re also removing the push/pull buttons from the revision history. Instead, you can manage sections using save to library, found in the three-dot menu in the section pane. Once saved, you can update the original section (if there is one), log it as a new version, or add it as a new section to your library.

Section Importing and Naming

When you create a section or add one from the content library, we’ll prompt you to name that section for the proposal. That way, you can consistently find your master copies in the content library.

We’re working on an improved revision history to help you recover or revert your work. In the meantime, we hope these changes will help keep your section library more consistent, intuitive, and easy to manage. Keep an eye on our release notes page to see when each of these changes come into effect.

If you have any questions about how these changes will work, reach out to our support team. We’re here to help.

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