As a partner, you deserve to get paid for bringing business into Proposify. We're excited to pay you for your work! This is why we’ve set up shop with Hyperwallet. It's a way for us to easily send money to our partners, and for our partners to quickly receive their money.

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up your Hyperwallet account. Once your first commission payment is ready, you'll receive two emails. The first is an activation email from Hyperwallet, the second is a partner ID email provided by us. Select activate account in the activation email to begin the setup process:

Once selected, your browser will open to Hyperwallet's account registration page. Enter your partner ID provided by our Partnership team, then select continue.

This will take you to the registration page. Here's where you can enter your personal details (date of birth, address, name, email). Once you enter this information, select continue.

NOTE: This information is necessary for legal purposes. Be careful to ensure the information is accurate and matches your government ID. You can find more details about this here, under “Account Verification”. If this isn’t entered correctly, you might add days to your account activation. You can find out how this information is used in Hyperwallet’s Privacy Policy.

Once completed, you’ll be taken to your home page. 

Now that you've created your account, it’s time to give Hyperwallet a place to send your money. Select add transfer method, either from the ribbon at the top of the page, or the button near the bottom: 

Here you can tell Hyperwallet what country the payment is going to, and in what currency. Once selected, choose your preferred payout method: PayPal or bank transfer.

HEADS UP: If you’ve chosen to receive funds in another country’s currency, PayPal will be the only option. 

Bank account method:

Enter your bank details here, ensuring that all information is accurate. Once done, choose a nickname to help you identify this method. Once done, select continue.

PayPal method:

Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. From there, provide a nickname for this account and select continue

Once entered, confirm the details you’ve provided and select confirm: 

IMPORTANT: Make sure these payment details are 100% correct. You might never be able to recover commission payments if they’re sent to the wrong account.

Once you’re completely sure the details are correct, select confirm. You’re set to receive your first commission payment. 

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