Your client has signed the proposal and you’re ready to get to work. Now the client wants to know exactly when that signature took place. If you’re in Australia, you may be wondering if that’s based on your time zone, or the time zone for our servers. The short answer: it’s ours! Here’s the long answer: 

When your client signs, you can view signature details in the proposal activity feed.

The first line covers the exact time and date the proposal was signed. We base this on our time zone in Halifax, Canada (Atlantic Time). We convert that time to your time zone underneath our timestamp:

Next, you’ll see image copies of each signature, initial, and form fill that your signees provided. In this case, Hunter Gathers only had to sign one box, so we see one image.

Below that, you’ll find the IP address from where your signee signed. This pinpoints the exact location your client was when they signed. 

HEADS UP: Some clients may be using a VPN to mask their location.

Finally, you’ll find in-depth details on what machine they signed the proposal on.

Changing Your Time Zone

If your proposal only shows our time, you may not have a time zone set for your profile. To do that, click your icon at the top right of the page (outside of the editor), then select profile:  

This will take you to your Profile page. Here, you can set your time zone using the time zone menu:

Once you set your time zone here, we’ll add that conversion underneath your signatures. 

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