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Introduction To Field Mapping

If you're looking to reach next-level efficiency, then field mapping is for you. This feature syncs your standard and custom fields from Salesforce to Proposify. Once mapped, a field on one side will automatically populate the other. Here are the fields and which objects in Salesforce they relate to:

  • Client → client contact
  • Account → business
  • Opportunity → proposal

Once linked, if you've made changes to the linked opportunity we’ll match those changes within the Proposify document.

HEADS UP: Only an account owner will be able to see this. We do this to help keep your fields consistent and ensure there are no unexpected changes. Not sure who the account owner is? You can find that listed in the Users page. Their image will have an account owner tag:

Mappable Fields

You can map Salesforce fields to Customer, Proposal, or Company fields in Proposify. The field types we currently support are:

  • String (letters and numbers up to 255 characters)
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Number (up to 18 characters)
  • Medium text
  • Email addresses
  • URLs

If you’re using a number field, we'll strip the formatting when pulled into Proposify. For example, if your number field in Salesforce has 1,547,999 it will import to Proposify as 1547999.

Entering the Field Mapping Menu

You can find the Field Mapping Menu from the Salesforce Integration Settings page.

To reach the Salesforce Integration Settings page, select Integrations from the left-hand menu:

This will take you to the Integrations page. From here, click Salesforce:

Once in the Salesforce Settings page, select map fields:

This will take you to the field mapping page.

Your Field Mapping Menu:

Here’s the place where you can map your standard and custom fields from Salesforce to Proposify. Here’s a breakdown: 

Object Tabs: The three tabs at the top of the page lets you select which object type in Salesforce you’d like to map in Proposify: Opportunity, Contact, or Account

Salesforce Field

  • This dropdown pulls your current list of object-associated fields and allows you to map them to Proposify.

Proposify Field

  • This shows the proposify-side of the Salesforce field you’d be mapping. It will update based on the object associated with the Salesforce field. If there’s no dropdown, this field is mandatory in Proposify.

Menu Button

  • The ellipses menu provides some extra options to this mapping. You can remove the mapping, edit the Proposify custom field, or delete that custom field entirely.

Mapping New Fields

Default Fields

You’ll find default fields already in place. These fields are standard in Proposify, and are already mapped to standard fields in Salesforce. You can change these mappings by selecting a different option in the salesforce fields dropdown: 

Custom Fields

If you don’t see the field on this list, it’s a custom field. To map a custom field, select map another field, shown at the bottom of the mapping list:

This will create a new mapping menu, appearing below the default fields. First select the Salesforce field you would like to map from the left dropdown:

Once this is populated, you can choose which Proposify field to map this to on the right-hand dropdown menu:

Once you've assigned a field for both sides, click save settings to lock that mapping.

Editing Existing Fields

If you need to make changes to your mapping, select a new field from the existing dropdowns.

Once you've updated your mappings, click save settings once again. This will re-map these fields and will affect all new proposals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Re-mapped fields will not affect existing proposals until you edit a mapped field in a linked opportunity. Once you make that edit, Salesforce will push those changes to Proposify, We’ll update your linked document once we receive it. This usually takes no more than a few minutes.

Removing Mapped Fields

If you need to remove a mapped field from your page, click the menu button and select remove mapping:

Once you've pared down your mapped fields, click save settings to confirm. Any existing proposals will keep their old text, but will no longer sync.

Updating Proposals To Changed Mapping

If you've made edits to a variable map, you may need to update the changes to proposals within Proposify. By default, we only update a proposal if you edit the newly mapped field in the linked opportunity. That information will then push to the proposal, updating the new mapping. 

If you’re looking to update your mapped fields directly from the Proposify document, you can do so from the document’s Editor page.

Once in the Editor, select sync proposal data from the menu pane: 

This will pull all opportunity details and update all mapped fields within this document.

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