One issue with having customer-focused proposals is that your perfect layout may not always be perfect for the prospect. Sometimes you only need one page from a section that can fit elsewhere. Other times, the proposal only makes sense if you move the page somewhere else. The good news: Proposify makes it easy to move pages from one static section to another.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Moving pages will only work between static sections. In other words, both the page’s source and the destination need to be a static section. Click here for the difference between a static and page flow section.

To move a page to another static section, move your cursor to the section pane on the left-hand side. From there, click and drag the page from one static section to another static section. Once the new section expands, drag the page on top of where you want it:

It’s important that you drag the page on top of an existing page in the new section. Once it’s been placed in the section, you can rearrange the pages within to make the perfect layout.

Looking to move pages within page flow sections?

Right now, we don't offer this function. You can move that content by copy/pasting the text from one section to another.

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