We're a web app that runs in your browser, so you don't need to worry a ton about RAM or hard drive space. However, there are some things that can help you get the most out of our software:

Supported Browsers

When we say "supported", we mean that we actively test these browsers and make sure that our software works in it. If you're using a lesser-known browser, like Opera, it may still work fine; we just don't test to make sure it works.

The Editor

If you're planning on using the editor, we work in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Chrome works the best, while Firefox is a close second. Safari works well, but you may see a couple of hiccups.

We DO NOT support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer for editing your proposals.

The Proposal/Preview Page

We work to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge/IE (version 10+) for viewing and signing a proposal. This includes mobile versions of the same browsers, and anything using Chromium (Vivaldi, for example).

Browser Extensions

While we engineer and test Proposify to work in browsers, we don't have the team that can handle support for the staggering number of browser extensions out there. When in doubt, disable extensions. Here's some that we know we aren't compatible with: 

Grammarly - We support Grammarly to check spelling and grammar within our editor. However, we are not compatible with Grammarly's "pop out editor". It will pull content into the Grammarly window, but it won't translate well when exporting back to the editor.

Ad Blockers (adblock+, abp, uBlock, etc.) - We understand that life on the internet is difficult without a decent ad blocker, but please disable it while using Proposify. We're a subscription service, so you'll be blessed with an ad-free experience while in our app. However, some aggressive ad blockers do more, and make it more difficult for us to troubleshoot when something doesn't work right. 

When in doubt, try incognito mode: If something appears to be working funny, try running Proposify in an incognito window. If it works fine in incognito, there may be a browser extension interfering with our app.

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