You've built out your Proposify account to include your team. Now you'd like to ensure that your team keeps on track and avoids interfering with each other. Once you've got your roles created and set, the next step is to assign them. Here's how to do that.

Here's a quick breakdown of what this article contains: 

Assigning from the invite page

While inviting a user, you can assign them to a role straight from the invite page:

Select your role before inviting and your team member. Once assigned, we'll place the min the role when they finish signing up.

Assigning from the users page

If you'd like to update or assign a new role to a person who has already been invited, you can do so from the users page.

You can reach the users page by clicking users button from the left-hand menu:

From there, you'll see a list of all users you have permission to see, as well as what role they are currently assigned to. If there is no role listed, then that means they have admin access. Click on the user you would like to update:

This will take you to the users page, where you can assign a role from the roles dropdown:

Once you've set the appropriate role, click update user to save your change.

Once you've assigned a role, it will take effect immediately. If the user was working in a place where they shouldn't, we'll kick them out the moment they try to save changes.

Re-assigning and removing roles

You can also re-assign roles straight from the users page. Click on the user you would like to re-assign and select the appropriate role from the roles dropdown. 

If you'd like to remove the role entirely, set the role as admin. Admin users have the default settings assigned. They only have limits when it comes to billing.

Setting an account owner

You can change the account owner from the company info page. From there, select the user from the account owner dropdown:

HEADS-UP! This updates the account owner to the new person and will provide access to every facet of this account. 

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