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Henry Ford once said, "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black." Business has come a long way from the day when mass production meant a lack of choice. Today, customers expect to be able to pick, customize, and tailor a service to suit their exact need. This is where our optional fees feature comes in handy. Optional fees let your customer choose exactly what services they'd like to pay for.

Rows marked as optional have a checkbox to the left of the line item. If your customer selects a checkbox next to a line item, then we include it in that table's sub-total. If your customer would rather opt-out, they can clear the checkbox. Once cleared, we'll remove that row from the table's value. Any fee can be optional, including ones with editable quantities. What's more, any person with edit access can create an optional fee.

Making Optional Fees

You can make a row optional by going to the row properties menu.

To get to your row settings, click a row inside a selected table. This will move from fee table properties to fee row properties:

From the row properties menu, click the checkbox to select the option optional for clients:

Once successful, you'll see a check-box attached to the row.

Choosing A Default State

You may find yourself placing an optional fee in the proposal, but you may not want it activated by default. It could be a premium feature with a hefty price tag, or a single choice in a tiered pricing structure.

If you'd like to set a default choice for your proposal, select or clear the checkbox in the editor. If that option is selected in the editor, then your customer will see it selected in the proposal by default. If it's cleared in the editor, then your customer will see that row cleared by default.

What Optional Fees Affect

Once you add optional rows, we'll calculate the value of your table based on your customer's choice. If they select that row, then the price will be reflected in:

  • Any textbox with the {total} variable. 

  • The proposal's value in the preview, snapshot and pipeline page.

  • Whenever you generate an invoice using our integration.

  • Your metrics page.

Optional Fees and Signatures

Once your customer signs the proposal, all optional fee choices will be locked in. We do this so multiple signees can all sign off on the same thing, rather than signing off for their own choices.

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