HEADS UP! Account pauses are only available to customers subscribed to our Tall plan. Click here to learn how to change your plan. 

You've hit that time in your business cycle where the proposal work is done. Now it's time to get started on the things that make your business truly awesome. There's a snag, though: Proposify is a subscription service. You'll need to keep paying to keep your account active, even if there are no proposals to do for months. The good news is that we have a pause feature. Here's how to use it.

To pause your account, you'll need to reach the account settings page.

You can reach the account settings by clicking settings found in the left-hand menu:

Once in account settings, you can access the Billing page by clicking billing.

NOT SEEING THIS BUTTON? Only the account owner will be able to see this. We do this to keep everything consistent and make sure there are no unexpected changes. Not sure who the account owner is? You can find that listed in the Users page. Their image will have the "account owner" tag:

Once you're in the billing page, click the view plans tab:

Once you've reached the plans page, scroll to the bottom to the FAQs. From there, expand the question can I pause my account?. Once it's expanded, click the link labelled Click here to pause your billing:

This will take you to the last page, asking you to confirm you are sure you want to pause your account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to back up everything you need before pausing. The pause will take effect immediately, and you won't have access to your account again until you unpause.

Whenever you're ready, click the green pause my account button. Once clicked, we'll pause your account, effective immediately. Your remaining subscription balance will be waiting for you as a credit for when you return. When you sign back up, we'll immediately apply that credit to your first charge.

Not sure if the pause went through? You can tell if you're paused by navigating to any page. You'll see a warning message letting you know you don't have access to this account anymore:

Unpausing Your Account

Whenever you're ready to start drumming up business again, log in to your account. You'll see the above warning message appear letting you know your account is paused.

Click the green unpause my account button to restart billing. We'll apply whatever funds were left during your previous billing cycle. As well, all of your settings, proposals, content, and clients are waiting for you like you never left.

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