In this article, we'll show how to find your formatting options, how to navigate them, and how to save your choices.

The Styles and Formatting menu is the place for all your document-wide style settings. With this, you can update default font styles, table styles, and page format.

The Styles and Formatting Menu

Select edit styles and formatting found at the top of the editor:

Your editor will change to Style and Formatting mode. A preview of your document will be on the left, showing changes in real-time. Your format options are on the right:

You can navigate to the different tabs by selecting them in the styles and formatting menu or by selecting the element you would like to change.


The type tab changes your default font styles, including:

  • line height

  • text colours

  • Styling

  • Alignment

  • Margin spacing

Read more about type styles.


The tables tab sets the default styling for pricing and content tables, including:

  • Colours

  • Cell padding

  • Borders

  • Font styles

Read more about table styles.


The page tab lets you choose your page size, margins for page flow text boxes, and orientation. Read more about page setup.

Saving Your Settings

Once you’ve made your changes, select save, found at the bottom of the menu:

Your changes will be applied to all elements that are not individually styled.

NOTE: These changes will not be applied to text or tables that have been manually formatted. You’ll need to clear the formatting to apply these changes.

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