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Proposify is a Canadian company providing a product to sales teams all over the world. When you can send a proposal to any country in minutes, it should be as easy to work with your customers’ currencies. 

The currency tool allows you to select one of the 160+ currencies for each proposal. We keep track of each currency, allowing you to view and track your sales progress across borders. You can also set a default currency for your own country, or for the currency of your target market.

In this article, we'll talk about how to change the currency in your proposal, set a default currency, and outline how your currency interacts with your integrations.

Setting A Currency In Your Proposal

You can change the currency of a proposal from the right-hand menu, under “proposal details”:

Select your chosen currency from the dropdown. Once selected, all fee tables in the proposal will include the new currency: 

You can also format how the price looks by activating the “custom format” checkbox:

Clicking a period or comma will allow you to select from a range of options for how we lay out the price: 

You can also choose if the currency symbol is in front of or behind the price: 

Once you’ve formatted your currency, we'll update the formatting on your dashboard. This lets you track how much money is coming through your pipeline:

Setting Your Default Currency

You can change the default currency and format by going to your account settings page:

Then selecting “currency”:

NOTE: Depending on your level of access, you may not be able to see this feature. Talk to your account administrator if you need access.

Once in the currency settings page, you’ll see the same options found in the editor: 

This sets your default currency for all future proposals sent from this account. This will not have an effect on any existing proposals, though.

If your plan includes workspaces, then you can set a custom currency format for that group as well. Navigate to your workspace settings and check the box next to “custom currency”:

Currency and Integrations

Depending on your account, you may have integrated apps that work with your proposal's currency.

Invoicing Integrations (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc)

If your proposal doesn't match the currency of your app, we won't be able to generate an invoice for that proposal. You may need to generate an invoice by hand. 


Stripe supports processing payments in over 135 currencies. If you’re using a currency supported by Stripe, they will charge your client in your proposal’s currency. When it's time to pay out, they'll convert the payment to the currency of your bank account. 

CRM Integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)

We don’t support currency conversion in CRM integrations. We'll apply the value of your proposal in the currency of your CRM’s account. For example, if I have a proposal valued at ¥10,000 and link it to an opportunity in Salesforce, it will show as $10,000.

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