Did a partner share a template and add it to your account? Great! Click here to learn how to add it and start closing right away!

Your account manager has designed a beautiful Proposify template for your company. Now all that’s left is to add it to your account, send it to your clients and take all the credit. Here’s how to do step one.

You’ll receive an email from your account manager once the template is ready.

Select add template in that email and it will take you to your Template Library. Can’t find that email? No problem! Go to your saved template gallery and you’ll find the template waiting for you in your main folder:

Select that icon and we’ll do the work of moving that template- including all settings, forms, and signature buttons into your Template Library. We'll also collect all sections and images into folders in your Content Library.

Step one is complete! Next up: Sending it out and basking in praise.

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