Looking to share a template with one of your sub-accounts? Click here to find out how.

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Making the perfect template for your team is only as good as how quickly you can get it to them. When you’re finished designing your customer's document, the next step is to get it into their hands. Proposify has a tool that helps you share your template with anyone linked to your account.

Sending A Template

You can send a template from the your Template Library. Select templates from the left-hand menu:

From there, hover over the template you would like to share and select linked accounts sharing preferences:

Once selected, a list of your linked accounts will appear on the right. Enable the checkbox next to each customer this template should be transferred to.

If you’d like to provide some more detail, you can also attach a note to the invitation.

Once you’ve selected your template recipients and added a note, select continue.

Next, we'll ask if you’re extra-sure you want to share this template to your chosen accounts. Confirm that this is the template you want to share and your template is on its way.

Did something go wrong? Can’t find where your template went? Reach out to our support team and we can hunt it down for you.

Once your customer accepts the template, we’ll copy it to the main folder of their Template Library, including all template settings and signature buttons. We’ll also push all sections and images to their Content Library in its own folder, so your customer can easily manage the content.

HEADS UP: Once you send your template, you won’t be able to make edits until all recipients have accepted. If you need to make edits immediately, you can cancel the transfer to regain access.

Cancelling A Transfer

You just sent a template to the wrong person, or you’ve sent it to one account that is on leave and you need to make edits. Before panic mode sets in, here’s how to cancel that transfer.

First, go to the Template Library, found by selecting Templates from the Navigation Bar:

From there, hover over the template and select linked accounts sharing preferences:

Once you click the icon, a list of your potential recipients will appear on the right. De-select the customers still in pending.

This will cancel that invitation, preventing your customer from adding this template to their account.

HEADS UP: Once your customer accepts the template, there is no taking it back. You’ll need to ask them to delete it.

Re-sending An Updated Template

You’ve sent a template to your customer and they’ve asked you to make some tweaks and updates. Once you’ve made changes to an already-shared template, you can share it with your customers again.

Once your customer accepts, the new version will include a version number. That way your customer can easily tell them apart.

We'll also add new content to your customers’ content libraries in a separate folder. This lets your customers easily search content from previous versions and delete them.

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