Some content just needs to be separated from others. Whether you want to keep your contracts separate from your sell sheets, keep internal documents separate, or keep your won and lost proposals out of the way; we’ve got just the thing.

You'll find streams at the top of your pipeline, above your draft proposals.

Streams are separate pipelines. They allow you to sort your proposals based on your organization’s prefererence. You can also use streams to sort metrics and set which proposals automatically create a new entry in your CRM.

Adding Streams

To add a stream, select add stream:

Once clicked, your new stream will appear to the right of the rest and we'll ask you to give it a name. Add a name and click the green checkmark on the right of the fill box:

That’s it! Your new stream is ready to go. You can have as many as 20 streams in your Pipeline at a time.

Editing and Deleting A Stream

Find a typo in a stream, or looking to delete the whole thing? Double-click on the stream’s name to open the stream editor: 

You can rename the stream then click the green checkmark to save. If you’re looking to delete it, click the trash can icon. A message will appear asking if you’re extra-sure that you want to delete this stream:

Click “yes, delete” to confirm you’re extra-super-sure and that stream is history. Worried about where your proposals are going? We throw them in the main “Proposals” stream, where you can move them somewhere else or keep them there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can’t delete or rename the main “Proposals” stream. We keep this one as-is so proposals in other streams have a place to go to when that stream is deleted.

Moving Proposals To A Stream

To move a proposal to a stream, drag the proposal to your chosen stream:

You can also move a proposal to a specific stream from the document’s settings page. Select your preferred stream from the dropdown under show all options:

Looking to make a proposal in a stream and don’t want to move it manually each time? Enter that stream in your Dashboard and then select +proposal. We'll create that proposal in that stream automatically.

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