Your branding is important for your company. Everything, from the colour palette to your font choice, gives an idea of who your company is just as much as the copy. Proposify makes it easy for you to add a branded touch to your proposal’s copy within a few clicks. 

To access the type styles menu, click on the “edit styles and formatting” button:

This pulls up your type styles menu. We'll put away all your other content. This way, you can focus on the copy you’re changing and how it looks compared to everything else.

Type Styles Menu

The type styles menu if your focused typography formatting tool. 

1. Type Style

This dropdown allows you to select the typestyle you’re looking to change. If, for example, you want to change the colour of Heading 1, you would select "Heading 1" in from this menu. 

Pro-tip: Looking to change things as you see them? You can also click the font style from the preview pane to select the font style you’d like to change. 

2. Font Family

Font Family allows you to choose a specific font, from any of the 700 in our Google Fonts Library. Click here to see how to add fonts from the font library to your proposals.

3. Type Style Options

Here's where you can change the main styling options for your typestyle. Use this menu to set the font size, line height, font colour, styling options (bold, italic, ALL CAPS, etc.), and alignment.

4. Margins

If you'd like to set some margins for your text inside the text box, you can check the box next to "margins". This lets you set how much pixel spacing you would like between your text and the text box's borders. If you'd prefer to have your text snuggled up next to your borders, you can leave this option off. 

Once you've made your changes, click the “save” button found at the bottom to save your settings. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes you want to style a certain chunk of text differently. Any copy changed using the WYSIWYG toolbar at the top of the page will over-write the Type Style settings. If you'd like that style to match your new settings, highlight it and select “clear formatting”:

Looking for help on how to use the top toolbar? Click here.

Are you more of a “change on the fly” kind of person?  Click here to see how to update your font styles to match a manual change.

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