You can tell when a business is successful by their client list. The more people interested in your product, the bigger that list gets. If you’ve been closing like a champ and have used our client import tool, your client list may have gotten difficult. If you didn't notice it, we certainly did.

A long time ago, in the ancient days of Proposify, we made our integrations tools with you in mind. We had one goal: making it easier to work with your CRM/Invoicing service. One of the features we made is the client import tool. We made it so you could import your clients and close your next deal without a bunch of redundant data entry.

We’ve done a lot of user research and found that a few things happened: 

  • Our users would often batch-upload their complete contact list of thousands.  
  • We found that most of these contacts would never get used for proposals. These lists were kind of like that shopping bag full of other bags everyone has in their kitchen.
  • The reason our users would do this was to save time having to go back to this out-of-place menu over and over again.
  • Not only would this increase the number of contacts to sift through, it would also throttle your work. Load times built up when searching for a client, and heaven help you if you needed to scroll through contacts.

It’s long after the ancient days of Proposify, so it's time we re-examined that process and make it work better for you. Our team has made a solution that will improve your workflow and help you close even faster!

Our first step is to move the client import button from the integration settings page. We then moved it right into a slider menu that will appear whenever you attempt to add a client. 


Click on import contact, then the integration that you’re looking to import from, and you’re all set!

This menu will appear whenever you add a client from the clients page:

Or when you add a client “on the fly” from the proposal settings page:

When clicking the “import client” button, choose your integration. Once chosen, enter the client you’re looking to add in the search bar:

Select the client that appears in your search results. From there, click the green “import” button at the bottom of the page.

Once done, we'll import your contact's details. Now, you can immediately get to the task of building and sending your proposal.

The next step to help you save time is to remove the “bulk import” function from all our integrations. Now that we've made it easier to add contacts when you need them, there's no more need to add them all and hope for the best. We’ve seen how quickly that grocery bag drawer fills up.

We're always working on improving our process so you can work better, close faster, and breathe easier. Have a suggestion on how we can improve? Click here to reach out to our support team and let us know! 

Happy closing!

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