You’ve spent a good deal of time and money building a client list in your CRM/Invoicing tool. After all that effort, it would be a waste to let it languish in that tool and not use it to send proposals! Proposify makes it easy for you to import clients from a linked account.

Before we start, there’s a couple of important details:

You'll need a plan with integrations support. If your plan does not include integrations, this article won’t be very helpful. You’ll need to upgrade your plan to support this feature. 

We can’t work without a few important details.  To import a contact, you will need three things: client first name, client last name and an email address. We need these for signatures to be legally binding, and also to send these proposals to your client. If your customer doesn’t have these (or if they are in a custom field), then we can't import them to Proposify.

Bulk importing has been removed. We removed the bulk import tool and made it easy to import individual contacts on an as-needed basis. Click here to learn more about why we decided to do this.

Now that we’ve got the scary disclaimer stuff out of the way, let’s get started with the walkthrough.

You can import your clients from your integration in two places. The first is the clients page, found by clicking “clients” from the left-hand menu:

From there, click the green “+new client” button at the top right of the page:

The other way to import is straight from the proposal settings page. You can do that by clicking “new client” in the “which client is this proposal for” dropdown:

No matter which method you choose, the following steps remain the same. You’ll see a menu appear on the right asking you to  create a new contact, a new company, or import a contact:

Click “import contacts” and a list of all your active integrations will appear:

Once you click on your chosen integration, your client details in the search bar and click “search”:

We’ll reach out to your integration and pull any search results based on the information in the search bar:

Once you’ve selected your client, click the green “import” button at the bottom of the menu:

That’s it! Once your client has been imported, we'll confirm and invite you to add more clients. If you’ve added this from the clients page, then you’ll also be able to build a proposal immediately as well: 

Looking to add a client manually? Click here.

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