The first step to a proposal is easy: get your prospect’s details. You need to know who the prospect is, where they are, and how to reach them before sending a proposal. Getting the prospect details into your account is also easy. 

We've included a couple of ways to add a prospect to Proposify. This article talks about the ways to add a client to your account, no matter what your plan is. If you have a plan that includes integrations, you can read here to see how you can import your clients from your linked account. 

Looking for something specific? Here's what this article covers:

Before You Begin

To send a proposal to a prospect, there are three mandatory details that we need:

  • Client first name

  • Client last name

  • Client email

Also important is that you can only have one client contact per email address. That means that if one person uses the same email address, but is associated with multiple contacts, you'll need to move that contact to the new company.

From The Clients Page

If you’d like to input more contact details before diving head-first into the proposal, the Clients page is a great place to start. You can reach the Clients page from the left-hand menu:

From the Clients page, select+new client at the top of the page:  

This will bring out the New Client menu:

Add New Company: Creates a company that contains one or more contacts within it. This is great for any client with many signees, or if you have a group (like a family) that need many sign-offs. Fields in company include:

  • company name

  • address 

  • website 

  • any Client Company custom fields created.

Add New Contact: Creates an individual customer. This is great for clients who are the sole signer and you are selling only to them. You can also add these contacts to a company at any time.

Fields in client contact include:

  • first/last name

  • title 

  • email 

  • phone numbers

  • any client contact related custom fields created.

Sometimes your contact isn’t based in the same office as the company. You can select a different address by disabling the checkbox next to use company address:

This will open the address field for your client. From there, you can enter address details without changing the main company address.

Once you fill these fields, select ok at the bottom of the page. This will save that client to your contact list:  

Once saved, the menu will change to ask if you’d like to create a new client. You can also choose to dive straight into a document for this person. 

From Proposal Settings

If you’re an “on the fly” proposal writer, you can add clients from Proposal Settings. 

First, create a new proposal by selecting +proposal from the dashboard:

From there, select a template:

This will take you to Proposal Settings. Expand which client is this proposal for, then select add new client:

A menu will appear on the right letting you input your customer details:

You can also add a company using this tool. Enter the company name and select save under the company dropdown:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only let you input the customer name. You’ll still need to go to the Clients to enter an address for the company. If you’re in a rush, you can uncheck the box next to “use company address” and add an address. This will create a separate address for this user outside of the head office:

Looking for some more help? Is something not quite working? Our support team is here to help! Drop us a line.

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