General Commission Questions

My referral signed up for a paid account without using my link. How do I get my commission?

Whoops! Not a problem. Reach out to your partner success manager and they’ll sort it out and make sure your work doesn’t go to waste.

When is the first payout?

We're putting the final touches on our payment service provider. You'll receive your first commission payout (including for any sales currently made) on August 1st.

What do I get paid for?

You'll receive a commission from your referral for as long as that client maintains an active, paid subscription.

Is there a clawback on cancellation or non-payment suspensions?

We pay a commission so long as the referral keeps a paid account proposify. Once the referral's subscription ends, the commission payment ends along with it.

If the referral signs up again, will the commission payments restart?

If the referral signs up again using your link, then yes. If they sign up again on their own or restart their account's subscription at a later date, commission payments will not restart.

Certified Partner Qs

How often is the commission paid?

We pay certified partners monthly. The commission fee will be based on the plan your referral signed up for. This commission will also be updated whenever your customer upgrades their plan.

What's the commission rate?

Certified partners receive 20% of the plan your referral signs up for. For example, if a referral signs on to a $3000/year plan you'd receive $600 broken out into monthly payments.

What if a customer changes their plan after signing up?

As a certified partner, your commission will change to reflect your referral's plan.

Do I get commission invoices or receipts?

You’ll get invoices and receipts emailed to you. If you can't find those emails or need them re-sent, reach out to your partner success manager. We can get those out to you.

Affiliate Partner Qs

How do you track my commission?

We embed a cookie in the referral customer's browser when they click your link. The moment they sign up for a trial account, we tie their account to your link. We'll let you know the moment they sign up for a paid plan.

What happens if a customer clears their cache before signing up?

If they don't clear their cookies between clicking your link and signing up for a trial, you should be fine. We link the trial account to your Tapfiliate account the moment it's made, so the cookie no longer matters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We still rely on cookies to link that customer to your affiliate account. Aggressive ad-blockers or certain “do not track” or privacy features in the referral’s browser can interfere with the connection to Tapfiliate. This would prevent us from crediting your affiliate account with a conversion despite the referral arriving at our website via your referral link.

Can you share some more information on who converted?

To keep with our privacy policy, we pare down what we share with outside parties. Since not all affiliate partners are Proposify users, we have to be sparing in what we share. We can share when a conversion takes place, and for how much. Emails and client-identifying information is left out, though.

Can I track which campaigns are bringing in my commission? 

Tapfiliate has a method that allows you to track which source your leads and conversions are coming from. You can use this tool to create specialized referral links that allow you to add meta data to better track your different campaigns, and set them apart. Click here for instructions on how to set that up within Tapfiliate.

How often is the commission paid?

We pay commission for affiliate partners monthly. We base this payout on the initial plan your referral subscribed to.

What if a customer changes their plan after signing up?

Your payout will be based on the initial subscription value. This means you don't have to worry about a dip in commission if the plan is downgraded.

Will my commission go up if a customer upgrades their plan?

As an affiliate partner, your payout will always be based on the initial subscription value of your referral. Any changes to your referral's account will not reflect an affiliate partner's commission payout. Our certified partner program may be a better fit if you're looking to tie your referrals' upgrades to your commission payouts.

What's the commission rate?

Affiliate partners receive 10% of the initial plan your referral signs up for. For example, if a referred customer signs on to a $3,000 annual plan you'd receive $300 broken out into monthly payments.

Do I get commission payments or receipts?

Tapfiliate, our affiliate link provider, will provide you with receipts for commission payouts.

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