IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is a guide for members of our Certified Partner program. If you are an affiliate partner, or not a partner at all, then this page will not be available. Click here to see more info about our partner program.

You’ve signed up to the partner program and have invited some new users. Now you need to be able to track progress on how your customers are doing while using our service. This is where your Partner panel comes in! Here you can invite customers, view what plan they are on, how many seats they’ve bought, and how to reach them. 

You can access your partner page by clicking the “partner” icon from the left-hand menu:

If you haven’t invited anyone yet, you’ll see a page guiding you to the invite user button

You’ll find a quick guide to how to invite your users here

Once you’ve got a few people invited, your partner panel will start to grow. 

The Customer List tab is broken down into 8 columns: 


The name of the customer’s company.


The number of seats the customer has purchased


The plan the customer has signed up to.


The cost for one seat on this plan. This helps to give an idea of how much the customer is paying per term.


Provides an email address for the account owner and primary person to reach out to.

Date Signed:

The date the client signed up for a Proposify account for the first time. NOTE: This includes the trial period and doesn’t state the day they signed up for a paid plan.


Shows the current status of the customer’s account.


Provides an invitation link for invited users who haven’t signed up for a trial account yet. You can use this in the event a customer hasn’t received their invite email. 

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