The goodbye card has been passed along, everyone’s said their farewells, fond memories (and cake) were shared. You’ve now got the final task to do for a leaving employee: removing all their logins from your company.

Important note: Depending on your role, you may not be able to do this. If you’re an admin or have a role that allows you to delete users, you should be fine. You’ll need to speak to your admin if you don’t have permission to do this.

To remove a user, navigate to your users page by clicking users from the left-hand menu:

From there, hover your mouse over the user you would like deleted, then select delete:

If this user has any active proposals assigned to them, a pop-up will appear so you can assign them to someone else: 

Select the user that will be taking over these proposals. From there, click Continue

After that, confirm your choices, both for deleting this user and re-assigning these active proposals.

Not seeing a full list? If the deleted user has signature boxes in their active proposals, this list will only show your users assigned to roles with signing permissions enabled. Read more about our roles and permissions feature here.

If this user doesn’t have any active proposals, then you’ll go straight to the last pop-up. This one asks you to confirm your decision to remove this user:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you confirm deleting this user, it is very hard for our engineers to recover them. Kind of like trying to uncrumple paper. Please be absolutely sure you want this user gone before clicking yes, delete.

That’s it! We’ll delete this user and they’ll no longer have access to your account. If this user has any won or lost proposals, we'll keep them in your account for future reference.

If you’re on a per-seat plan, this leaves an available seat open on your account, and will not remove that seat. If you’re removing users to cut down subscription costs, there’s one final step. Click here to learn how to remove seats from your plan.

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