So you’re trying to master the art of Proposify, and wondering what you can do to be more effective with closing. Well, grasshopper, you must first understand your metrics to better understand your client.

You can find the metrics page from the left-hand menu:

From here, you can see how effective the fruits of your labours are. You can choose between ‘Business Metrics” or “View Metrics” tab near the top.

Business Metrics

Business metrics is the default page and gives you an overview of how effective your sales team is. We show your close rate, the total number of proposals being sent out, as well as a dollar value for each segment. 

You can filter these metrics by timeframe, streams, workspaces and client.  

Further down, you’ll see a trend chart showing your sales performance over time. Pro: You can hover over dots in the line to gain further insights:


You can also change the timeline of the graph using the dropdown above it:


IMPORTANT NOTE: To see the proposal in your business metrics, the proposal will need a value. If you don’t have a fee table in a proposal, then we won’t be able to calculate the value of the proposal and it won't show up here.

View Metrics

When your client views a proposal, you can find it's view metrics in the proposal snapshot. You can find the stats for ALL view metrics in the metrics page. Here, you can filter these metrics by timeframe, workspace and client.

  • Average Time to View: How long it takes your clients to view proposals after you've sent it. You can use this insight to tweak when your Reminder Emails should go out.

  • Average Length of Viewing: The amount of time clients spend viewing the proposal online.

  • Average Views Per Proposal: How many times your clients open their proposal

Near the bottom of the page, you’ll also see a breakdown of your top viewed sections across your proposals

This shows you where your clients are spending most of their time viewing your proposals.  Here, you can see that our customers are spending most of their time on the contract, which is good!

Metrics and Archived Proposals

Your proposals will still show up in your metrics, even if you archive them. If you need to have a proposal removed entirely from your metrics, you'll need to delete it. Here's an article on how to delete proposals

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