Designing the perfect template can be a chore. Your design has to be consistent across every page. The good news is Proposify helps keep your templates consistent with our Repeaters tool. 

Repeaters are elements that, when added to one page, repeat across every page in the proposal. This allows you to include things like page numbers, shapes, lines, and text that appear on each page. Now you can work on the design without having to re-start from scratch every time you add a page.

Changes to these elements will also update across the proposal/template, so you can move things around and find the best "flow".

Adding and Editing Repeaters

To set a repeater, enter the editor page for any proposal or template you’d like a repeater added. From the editor, click the “repeaters” button found on the right-hand contextual menu:

This will set your editor to “repeater mode”:

While in repeater mode, you can add any of the following:

  • Text boxes (with variables. Perfect for page numbers or business names)

  • Shapes

  • Lines

  • Images

Once you add these, they’ll repeat across every page in the exact same position. 

In “repeater mode”, you’ll also have access to edit any repeater that already exists. Click on an element to edit it as you would for regular things, and the repeater will update across every page.

Unlocking a Single Repeating Element

Sometimes you don’t want to have a repeater on a specific page. If that’s the case, you can “unlock” that one repeater on the page to treat it like any other element. To do that, click on the repeater you’d like to change/remove. A padlock button will appear:

Click on that padlock button and a pop-up will appear with a few options:

From here, click the “unlock” button to unlock this repeater.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that’s something you really want to do. Once you unlock a repeater, there’s no way to lock it back into place without deleting and re-adding the repeater.

From now on you can move, change, or delete that one element,  without affecting the other repeaters.

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