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To add a user, go to the Users page by selecting users from the navigation bar:

From the users page, select +invite new user at the top right of the page:

Not seeing that button? Your role may not allow access to invite users. You’ll need to speak to an admin or the account owner to invite a new user.

Once you select that button, we’ll take you to the Invite page:

Fill out the first name, last name, email and assign them to a workspace/role (if your plan allows it), then select invite user:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on a per-seat pricing plan with no empty seats, we'll add this to your subscription. A notification window will appear showing your updated recurring price once the user is invited.

Once you select invite user a confirmation message will appear.

You can select +invite user to invite another user or select back to return to the Users page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We prioritize our outbound emails so that your clients can receive their proposals as soon as possible. This means that other emails, such as invites, can be delayed for up to 4 hours. Still haven't received the invite? Check with our support team! We may be able to hunt it down and see what happened.

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