Can I set permissions for sub-folders?

We’re looking to keep our organizational structure as simple as possible. Because of this, we’re setting permissions for the top folder only.

I’ve set permissions to folders to only be viewable for workspace A and B, but an admin in workspace C can still see everything. What gives?

This is related to view privileges for that admin. If a Role is set to “view all sections/images/snippets/fees” rather than “assigned to their workspace”, they’ll see everything regardless of what you’ve set in the folder. You can find out more on how to change role permissions by clicking here.

I’ve moved content into a folder with “Waterfall on” set, and realized I didn’t want those permission settings. If I take the content out, will the old permissions be set again? 

When moving your content in or out of a folder, the content will keep the last permissions setting that was applied. In other words, you’ll need to manually reset permissions once your content is moved out of that folder.

Why are "permissions" settings not appearing in the editor for this section I'm working with?
The most common answer would be that the section is in a waterfall folder. Waterfall folders apply permissions to the content within those folders automatically. You'll need to move it to another folder in order to manually set permissions for this section.

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