NOTE: This article is for users with the Salesforce integration enabled. You can see if your account has access to this from the billing page.

If you're a Salesforce user, odds are that it's the environment you're the most comfortable with. You take to it as a fish takes to water. If you have a plan that accomodates our Salesforce integration, you can work straight from your opportunity.

Once you create an opportunity in Salesforce, a Proposify app will appear on the page. This depends on where your Salesforce admin decides the best place would be. For us. we placed it on the right-hand side. It looks something like this: 

In this app, click create proposal:

Clicking that link will take you to our proposal creation page inside Salesforce. First, you'll need to pick a template: 

Select your template and click next:

Once you’ve picked your template, we'll take you to Proposal Settings. We’ll do most of the work of filling this info from your opportunity details. You can edit these if needed, as well as add attachments or any custom variables:

When you’re ready, hit next. This will take you to the proposal’s Editor. You’ll have all the same tools as if you were working in Proposify. 

Add sections, tweak your text, and update your fees this client’s need. Once you’re done, hit exit at the top of the page:

You’ll see the card in Salesforce has updated when you create the proposal. Here you can see information about the proposal at a glance.

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