Proposify's integration with Salesforce is perfect for keeping your sales team on track. It syncs with your opportunity’s details (including custom fields) and automatically moves the oppty along its stages while the document is being viewed by your prospect.

Here’s how to create an opportunity (or link to an existing opportunity) within Proposify:

Create a new document and choose a template. Your next step will be to enter your Proposal Settings. From here, select Connect to a Salesforce opportunity:

A menu will appear on the right. Choose whether to create a new opportunity or link to an existing one:

If this deal is already connected to an existing oppty, you can disconnect it from this menu as well.

After choosing an option, select Next:

If you’ve created a new oppty, that’s it! We’ll take your client, proposal, and user fields and create an opportunity with those values.

If you’ve connected to an existing opportunity, you’ll be given the option to use the fields from your opportunity or leave them separate:

If you select Use field values from this opportunity, you’ll see a list of all fields we’ll be merging:

We’ll pull all of these details from the Salesforce Opportunity to your document.

If you’re comfortable with these being imported, select update.

That’s it! You’ve now connected your Salesforce oppty to Proposify.

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