HEADS UP: This feature is available on our Business plan. Talk to a sales rep for more information on how to add this to your account.

To get started, you’ll need to link your Proposify account to your Salesforce account. You can do this by selecting Integrations from the Navigation Bar:

This will take you to the Integrations page. Click Salesforce to reach Salesforce Settings:

If your account requires a subdomain, or you’re connecting to a sandbox environment, enter the URL in the text box before proceeding. Otherwise, you can leave that field blank. Next, Click Get connected!

This will take you to the Salesforce login page. Enter your login credentials and click Log In.

HEADS UP: Make sure the User or Account login you use has full access to Opportunities, Contacts, Products, Accounts and Users as well as an Admin profile. We need this so we can pull and make changes to contacts and opportunities.

Once complete, you’ll see a confirmation message and Salesforce Settings will now have more options:

We’ll cover those options in this article.

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