You’ve generated your invoice, but now you need to make some tweaks. We make it easy for you to find, download, edit, and delete your QuickBooks invoices made in Proposify.

To locate your invoice, click on the proposal where the invoice was generated: 

Head to the snapshot page. You’ll find a QuickBooks link under “integration links” in the left-hand column:

Once you’re in the invoice generator, you’ll see a list of invoices already created at the bottom of the page: 

Next to your invoice, there are three buttons: A magnifying glass, a pad and pen, and a trash bin. 

Download/View Your Invoice

To view a PDF copy of your invoice, click the magnifying glass button next to the invoice you would like to see:

This will create a PDF copy of your invoice that you can download, print, and send to your client. 

Edit Your Invoice In Quickbooks

To edit your invoice, click the pad/pen button in the middle:

This will take you to the invoice editor in QuickBooks, where you can edit the line items, apply a template, and more. 

Delete Your Invoice

To delete your invoice, click the trash bin icon:

You’ll see a box appear asking you to confirm your choice:

Heads up: this will delete the invoice from both Proposify and QuickBooks.

Click “ok” and your invoice will be deleted.

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