Congrats! You’ve closed the deal! Now all that’s left is to generate an invoice and send to your client.

Once your proposal is won, you can generate an invoice from the proposal’s snapshot page. Reach the snapshot page by clicking on the won proposal:

Go to the proposal's Snapshot page. You’ll see QuickBooks under “integration links” in the left-hand column:

Click that link to go to the invoice generator:

You might be looking for a down-payment and not the full balance. In that case, you can choose how much to invoice by entering a value in “percentage to invoice” field:

If you’re collecting the whole lot, you can leave it at 100%.

Next, choose when the invoice will be due using the “due date” field below:

Finally, enter any invoice notes. These will be public when you deliver the invoice to the client. 

When you’re ready, click “generate invoice”:

Once complete, you’ll receive a confirmation box at the top of the page. This will include links to manage your invoice at the bottom of the page.

And that's it! You've generated an invoice with just a few clicks. Need a hand? Is there something else you need? Check with our support team!

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