Congrats! Your client has signed on the dotted line. Before you ring that bell, though, you’ve got to collect payment. Quickbooks online makes it easy to create and generate invoices for you. Once you set up your Proposify/QuickBooks integration, it’ll be even easier.

To set up your Quickbooks integration, first go to the integrations page. It's found by clicking “integrations” from the left-hand menu: 

From the integrations page, find the QuickBooks logo and click on it:

In the QuickBooks page, click “log in to Quickbooks”:

From here, enter your login credentials and click “sign in”. Once you’ve signed in, we'll ask you to allow Proposify access your QuickBooks account: 

Nervous? Not to worry! We take your privacy very seriously. If you’re okay with pushing this information to us, click “connect” at the lower right of the page. You’ll receive a confirmation here: 

Once this is complete, you’re all set! Your account is now linked to QuickBooks. Now you’re ready to make your sales and collection process even easier

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