You’ve created your document, and you’re almost ready to send it to your prospect. Your Client Preview page helps you keep it 100% perfect.

The Client Preview shows how your document will look to your prospect. You can also customize and change your doc’s look from this page.

The Client Preview is set up when you start your sales document. This way, you can cross-reference any changes and edits while you’re working on it. Any edits you make in the editor will show in the client preview page the moment you hit refresh.

Reaching the client preview page

There are three ways to reach your document’s Client Preview:

The Snapshot

Select Preview, found near the top right of your document's Snapshot page:

This will open a new tab in your browser where you can preview your document. To return to the Editor, select edit proposal

The Editor

From the editor, select preview:

This opens the preview page in the same tab. You can return to the Editor by selecting edit document.


If you already have a proposal email in your inbox, you can select the proposal link. If you’ve already logged in to Proposify, you’ll see the Preview page.

Changing Preview Setting Options

If you need to update the way your sales document appears to your prospect, select show preview settings located in the preview ribbon.

Here, you can choose two option sets: General Settings and Display Settings.

General Settings cover language and date formats, as well as what buttons are present in the document.

Click here to learn more about General settings.

Display Settings cover the look of the document, including a logo, the background colour, or whether a side panel should appear.

Click here to learn more about Display settings.

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