Are updates to Client Preview live?

Not exactly. If your client is on the preview page when you make changes, they can see those changes the moment they refresh the page. 

The signature date isn’t updating to follow what I had set. What gives?

The signature button is locked in MM/DD/YYYY format based on our server settings. We lock this down in order to maintain the integrity of the signature button.

I’m in a workspace and I just clicked Use Default to revert changes to my background colour. What’s going to take effect? 

If you’re in a workspace, we’ll take your workspace preview settings first. If there are no workspace preview settings, we’ll use your general account settings. If those aren’t set, we’ll use ours!

Can I change the font colour in the table of contents the same way I can change the background colour? 

We automatically set the perfect shade for your fonts to best contrast against your background colour. In order to keep things as simple as possible, we don’t allow you to change the font colour as well.

My clients are using a small laptop and my horizontal proposal is getting cut off, what gives?

We want to avoid making everything look crammed together, so we include a certain amount of space between the side panel and the proposal page. There are two ways around this:

The first is to ask your client to zoom out on their browser.

The second option is to go into your document’s Preview Settings and clear the option labelled Show Side Panel.

This will remove the side panel and place your proposal front and centre!

I can change the background colour of the proposal, but the bottom toolbar is always white. What gives?

We keep that bottom toolbar white to provide contrast to dark proposals, to add simplicity to light proposals, and to make sure that people can easily find Accept & Sign. There’s no way to change that at this time.

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