So you’ve created a killer proposal, sent it and closed that deal - look at you go, you’re a pro! But now you’ve hit a roadblock and need to collect some important information to seal the deal. We have your back, my friend. If you are a Team user (or above) our new client input forms will allow you to collect that extra client information. All for the sake of helping you streamline the closing process.

On top of the signature, many deals may need extra information. This could be a billing address, important names, dates, or frequent customer/invoice numbers. 

Including fillable forms allows you to collect that information the moment the proposal is being signed. This will save you from having to hunt the customer down to get started (you're welcome).

HEADS UP: We won't allow the form tool to enter credit card information. Click here to learn more about why we've decided to integrate with Stripe.

Adding a Fillable form

You can find the option to add a fillable form with the proposal’s editor page. Click signature near the bottom corner of the right-hand toolbar. 


The first thing you’ll want to do is assign the form to your client from the drop-down menu. Once you assign the client, click and drag the fillable form button, as you would do for a signature box or initials. As you would do with a signature box, you can click and drag the fillable form box and position it on your proposal.

NOTE: If you need more than one client to fill a form in the proposal, you can assign them to a second box. Like adding two signatures to one proposal.

Now you’re ready to fill out the questions! From the right-hand menu, click inside title to include details on the information you're looking for.

Editing A Form

You've laid the forms down and ready to make some edits. First, you’ll want to go to your proposal’s editor and select the form you want to make changes to.

Once selected, the right-hand pane will change to show options related to that form. You'll see the fill box under title to edit the question in the fill box. This is where you will make edits.

Once you click into the form, you will see options with checkboxes below the title text box.

Mandatory Fields
If you check the box to make this field mandatory, your client must answer the question before the deal can get signed. If the box is deselected, the client is not required to fill out to form.

Pro Tip: Non-mandatory fields should be put above signatures to make sure the client will see them and get filled out.

Allow Multiple Lines
As a default, the form box is one continuous line.  This is perfect for getting one-word answers for any extra information. If you click to allow multiple lines, the form field will act more like a text box. You can resize it and allow for new lines! 

Deleting A Form

You’ve added your forms, and decided, “Y’know, this isn’t necessary.” This is why pencils have erasers. 

You can delete a form by going to the proposal editor page. Click on a fillable form that you wish to delete. Click on the trash bin icon at the top of the form, or hit backspace/delete on your keyboard to remove it. 

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