You may ask yourself, what is it about Proposify that makes us so damn awesome and the perfect fit for my business. Well, since you’re asking, I’ll tell you. A major source of our awesomeness comes from the many stylish proposal templates that look professional and will stand out to help close deals. 

Okay, so what exactly is a template in Proposify? Templates are pre-populated proposals without the specifics of a proposal (ie: there's no client name, due date or proposal name). Think about them as the skeleton, they are the bare bones of your proposal. You have the structure, and some of the look, but it still needs some tweaking to match your brand. 

You’re looking to create a proposal that will stand out, but the thought of starting from creating a design is a tad daunting. Well, you’re in luck! Proposify offers over 60 beautifully designed, 100% customizable templates that you can match to your business and brand. 

Consider which types of projects you pitch the most often. For example, you may often pitch UX design projects and mobile app development projects. In that case, make two templates, one for each project type. Then you can define all the pre-populated content for each, and even share sections that are the same across both templates.

How to find templates

You’re ready to start your template? Cool! You can locate them in the side menu from the home screen. 

Once click in you will see two different menus, the saved templates and template Gallery.

Saved Templates  

Saved templates are the collection of templates you’ve started. Anytime you begin working within a template, they will go to your be sent to saved section.  

If you feel like you have mastered Proposify or feel ambitious enough, you can ‘Start from Scratch’ and start building a template from the ground up. 

Template Galery 

You can import as many pre-made templates into your account as you'd like. To import a template, go to the Template Gallery, hover over the template, and click "Use This"

Here you have tons of amazing proposal templates you can use as a starting place to build your proposal.


If you import one of our templates, it will add all the sections from that template to your content library. You can then edit the template. When you do the template editor will open and you can begin editing the sections in your template. When you're ready to turn your template into a proposal, select Generate Proposal

Template Vs. Proposal: What’s the difference 

As previously stated, Templates are a starting point. Once you’ve decided on the look, style, and all the tidbits that make your proposal yours, you now want to start inputting your personalized content. That's where proposals come in. Proposals are generated from the templates and are specific to your client. Any variables used will populate to your clients information.

Once you’ve made a template that represents your brand, you will want to add some general content that you would want to present to a potential client. 

Generating Proposals

You’re happy with how everything looks, you have your bones and now you’re ready to get to that next step in your proposal process. 

First you’ll want to generate the proposal. From the template editor, click the green generate proposal button in the top right hand corner of the page.

 You will then be brought to the proposal settings screen. Here you can update meta information associated with your proposal and adjust fee settings.

The first section are your basic, required settings.

Fill out the required fields and then move onto your next step! 

For more information about filling out your settings: Proposal Settings 

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