Q: Can I download my Template as a PDF? 

A: At this time you cannot download your template as  PDF. You can, however, download your proposal as a PDF file. All you need to do is generate your proposal and you can download the file. 

Q: When I am in the template the variables aren’t populating, why? 

A: Templates are a general outline for the proposal and proposals are specific to the client. As a template, your variables will sit there as placeholders until it’s generated into a proposal. Once you generate your template as a proposal, you will then fill in the client information and that data will auto-populate into your proposal. 

Q: Can I save my template to the content library?

A: As a matter of fact, you can!  When you create a new section in a template, this first version is your default/master version. When editing that version in your template, any changes that are made will affect the default template. But don’t worry, should you want to go back to original, you can access the revision history. 

If you edit this section in the Content Library, this creates a new version, (separate from the one in your proposal or template) and becomes the new default.

At any time you can set the default to another version, by clicking "Make Default" on a version in your Revision History. This will become the one used when importing and it will be edited in the content library.

Q: I’ve generated my proposal and I love the look of it, can I make this the new default template? 

A: Yes you can! If you want to save a proposal as a template, edit the proposal and click on the small down arrow next to the save button. You'll see the option to save it as a template. Once you do it will be available for reuse in your Saved Templates section.

 Remember: a template is not a proposal so they may function a little differently. Templates are typically full of general information and is not specific to a particular audience.

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