IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding a la carte options is only available to Grande plans and above. 

When you’re a small sales team (or solopreneur) it doesn’t make sense to pay the same as a company with an army of sales reps. Yet there are some features that you may need from the larger packages, even if the rest don’t suit you. We’ve made it easier than ever to make your package with Proposify as unique as your business.

To add an a la carte option to your plan, click the “settings” button to access account settings:

From the account settings page, select “billing”:

Your billing page will show your current plan. Scroll down a bit further to see what your plan currently features. There’s a link above that section labelled “I would like to add more features to my plan”:

This will take you to the request page, where you can select which options you would like:

Select all that apply and click “next”. We’ll then ask for some information so we can take a look and get in touch: 

Once you’ve entered your contact details and what you would like to see in your plan, click “send”. Someone from our sales team will work to get that added to your account right away. 

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